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Become an Outspoken Woman

This is pivotal career-changing stuff - thank you!

- Kirsten, Sydney

We started Outspoken Women in response to the many, many questions and enquiries from women (and men looking to support their peers, family and friends) who want to amplify their voices within the professional environment.

From women just starting their careers through to women transitioning into leadership roles, there is an appetite to shine. Our tailored Outspoken Women master classes teach you how to use the power of influence, messaging, and body language for maximum impact. From learning how to better articulate an argument and present through to sophisticated negotiation skills, Outspoken Women is here to help you.

We provide a women-only workshop that creates a unique and safe learning experience - one that our participants tell us is invaluable for learning.

With almost a century of experience between us, we can take you to the next level in the workplace, on the stage and in the media. From presenting to negotiating, as a graduate of our Outspoken Women Master Classes, you will be confident in your direction, and ability to effectively communicate it.

Many of Australia’s leading public and corporate organisations are already speaking to us about empowering women within their workforce. We look forward to working with you and your team to create a powerhouse of Outspoken Women. In addition to our standard full day training session, we’re available for tailored work shops and profiling classes. Let’s work from within to break down the barriers to women’s advancement in the workforce – together.

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Tracey Spicer is a television presenter, journalist and author who has anchored programs for ABC TV, Network Ten, Channel 9 and Sky News. Over the past 30 years, she has worked in the private sector and at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School as a media and presentation trainer. Her TEDx Talk, The Lady Stripped Bare, has been seen by more than 2.5 million people. The 50-year-old's lifelong passion is amplifying women's voices.





Liza-Jayne (LJ) Loch brings almost three decades of experience in helping organisations, causes and individuals successfully grow their profiles and accentuate their positive. She has worked at the highest levels of media, government and business as a journalist and trusted adviser. She is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Consult (





Louise Pascale is a producer, journalist and media consultant with 25 years of experience. She has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom with her work being seen across Australia, Europe, the US and the UK.  As a media consultant she works across in traditional and new media sharing her knowledge and expertise.


Master Class

It was great to have such a practical workshop with loads of opportunities to practise as we went. You’ve designed the day really well.

- Jo, Melbourne

Outspoken Women travels across Australia delivering training for professional women. Our full day workshop is a fun, tailored, practical way to learn how to accentuate your positive. This master class is suitable for anyone wanting to amplify their voice, from novice public speakers to experienced presenters.

We cover all aspects, including refining content to connect with your audience and delivering messages with impact.

Using real-world scenarios you'll learn how to control nerves, find your authentic voice, use microphones, lecterns and visual aids, improve body language, gesture and eye contact, and present for video, webcast or Skype.

Take-homes include recordings of your performances, printed and digital training materials, and a huge boost to your self-confidence. (And yes, we only use female camera operators!)


A fantastically well thought out and dynamic day of training, with a group of awesome women trainers and participants. Great to see all of us improving loads through the course of a single day - with lots of practice and support in a really encouraging environment.

- Outspoken Woman, Melbourne

Often we find that women attending our workshops are doing so on their employers time but paying for it out of their own pockets. We would like to encourage you to consider asking your employer to subsidise attending our masterclass. We can provide tips to help you formulate your reasons why and we also have an email template you can use too. For that and any further information just email us at

Outspoken Women takes all its bookings through Try Booking. You will find below our upcoming master classes

2019 master class DATES

We will be holding only one round of open masterclasses in 2019 so make sure you don;t miss out when we are next in your capital city.

Adelaide - Wednesday 13th March

Sydney - Wednesday 10th April

Melbourne - Wednesday 8th May

Perth - Friday 10th May

Brisbane - Wednesday 22nd May

Are you interested in a tailored workshop for your workplace or network?

Outspoken Women travels across Australia delivering tailored workshops for networking groups, workplaces and organisations. If you are interested in finding out more just email us at -


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Outspoken Women are committed to travelling around Australia to deliver our unique master class. Submit your interest below by letting us know where you would like to attend a master class. We will then make sure you are the first to know when we are next in your part of Australia. 

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Outspoken Women now have short video tutorials you can purchase. These videos cover off individual components of our course. You can download a video on;

  • body language

  • gestures

  • presentations

  • voice

  • what to wear

Need help convincing your work to send you to an Outspoken Women Masterclass?

We believe in the value of professional development. Not just the personal value, but the monetary value too.

Often we find that women attending our workshops are doing so on their employers time but paying for it out of their own pockets.

We would like to encourage you to consider asking your employer to subsidise attending our masterclass. We can provide tips to help formulate your reasons why as well as a offer you a FREE email template to edit and use for when you ask your employer.

Read our top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Professional Development.


An inspirational day for women from all walks of life sharing one thing in common - the Imposter Syndrome.

- Outspoken Woman, Adelaide


At Outspoken Women we are dedicated to amplifying women’s voices across Australia. For some amplifying their voice is made harder because of certain circumstances.

Culturally and linguistically diverse women, survivors of domestic violence and marginalised women are less likely to speak up, speak out or put themselves in the spotlight for a myriad of reasons. But whatever their reason it is wrong to assume that they don’t want to.

At each of our masterclasses we offer 2 places for these women. We know you are out there and we want to help you reach your full potential by giving you the skills to share your story and message. 

To apply please fill in this form and with your cv send it to, but only send it when we have called out for applications.

Currently we are not accepting scholarships applications. We will be announcing our 2019 scholarships in line with an upcoming masterclass.

If you want to be on our mailing list to find out when that is please contact



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